Best Gifts for Fortnite Gamers in 2022 | Holiday Gift Guide

Surprise someone with these Fortnite-themed gifts.

Are there any Fortnite fans in your house? Then you’ll like our selection of the best gifts for Fortnite gamers.

Since both – boys and girls love Epic Games and enjoy playing Fortnite, everything related to it makes a great present.

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We have chosen presents that will nicely surprise your friend, grandchildren, kids, and everyone else who loves to play Fortnite. Give them something they’ll remember as a mark of your thoughtfulness.

Best Gifts for Fortnite Gamers

There are certainly ideas everywhere for what to buy Fortnite players. However, we have selected the best gifts for your Fortnite gamers that they’ll enjoy.

There are some more expensive ones, but they are also the better ones and with which you would make them happy the most.

However, we have found the best options – even if you have a smaller budget and want a great gift for a Fortnite player.

Best Gifts for Fortnite GamersFeaturesWarrantyBUY NOW
Xbox Series SNVME SSD 512GB Storage, Ray-Tracing, 4K, Ultra-Low Latency 1-Year
Atelerix Ventris Gaming ChairComfortable, Ergonomic Adjustable Swivel, Headrest & Lumbar Support1-Year
Fortnite Xbox ControllerFour main face buttons, two shoulder bumpers, two analog triggers, two analog sticks, and a digital D-pad90 days to 1 Year
Burst Pro Mouse + ROCCAT Magma KeyboardSilent Membrane Keys, CustomizableMouse: None
Keyboard: 2-year
MONOPOLY – Fortnite EditionPlenty of funNone
Best Gifts for Fortnite Gamers Features Warranty BUY NOW
Xbox Series S NVME SSD 512GB Storage, Ray-Tracing, 4K, Ultra-Low Latency  1-Year
Atelerix Ventris Gaming Chair Comfortable, Ergonomic Adjustable Swivel, Headrest & Lumbar Support 1-Year
Fortnite Xbox Controller Four main face buttons, two shoulder bumpers, two analog triggers, two analog sticks, and a digital D-pad 90 days to 1 Year
Burst Pro Mouse + ROCCAT Magma Keyboard Silent Membrane Keys, Customizable Mouse: None
Keyboard: 2-year
MONOPOLY – Fortnite Edition Plenty of fun None

Let’s scroll around our gifts selection and pick which gift is best for you, and you’ll not regret it.

Top Gift: Xbox Series S Fortnite & Rocket League Bundle

Today, many gamers play games on their Xbox, and over half of them are Fortnite gamers. They indeed enjoy playing the game, and they will be much happier and grateful if they play their game on Xbox.

 If you get a Fortnite player Xbox for a gift, it would be like you giving cheese to a mouse. They can become like a little child and be thankful for your present.

 It would be best if you considered Xbox as a gift – you also have included Xbox Wireless Controller, Xbox Series S console, free access to play  Rocket League and Fortnite game downloads, 2 AA batteries, power cable, and high-speed HDMI cable. And also get 1,000 V-Bucks, so your player can spend on his favorite things in Fortnite Battle Royale mode, and more are included in the Midnight Drive Pack Set.

So think about this gift and make some Fortnite gamers very happy.


  • Compact and tiny design
  • Reasonable price
  • Dolby Atmos and  Dolby Vision for gaming and media
  • Reliable AV and gaming performance
  • Quiet in functions
  • Excellent game selection


  • Storage and graphics limitations
  • Over-complicated AV set-up
  • The game didn’t support 4K gaming
  • Game resolution culminates at 1440p
  • No support for Wi-Fi 6
  • Lacks a disk drive

Most Useful: Atelerix Ventris Gaming Chair

One of the most important things for a player is the chair he sits on. The gamer spends a long time sitting, and if he doesn’t have an excellent chair where he can spend that time, problems and pains in his posture may appear. That’s why we’ve selected a chair that would be an excellent choice as one of the best gifts for Fortnite gamers.

The Atelerix Ventris Gaming Chair is designed for professional gamers and offers a more comfortable feeling.

Regardless of how intense the Fortnite game becomes, they may sit in style and relaxation thanks to a 360-degree spin and a multi-functional tilting system that could also recline backward 180 degrees for a pleasant experience and a customized fit.

It has lumbar and headrest support for a player to feel comfier and improve his posture.

The weight limit for the chair is 260 pounds, making it a great gaming chair for both adults and children. It is priced reasonably, and you can improve a Fortnite player’s sitting position.


  • Comfort
  • Enhanced gaming experience
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Adjustability
  • Offer great back support


  • Quite expensive
  • Not extra durable

Great Option for Xbox Owners: Fortnite Original Xbox Wireless Controller

In Fortnite, the controller is also essential to players, and you can give them an excellent and a fun controller with pictures of their favorite players. They will never get tired of using it – that’s why we picked this gift for you.

The Xbox Series X Custom Controller will make their gaming room decor stand out. This controller has all the original accessories, and the custom printing does not impact how well it usually functions. According to its most innovative hydro-dip printing process, the colors remain vibrant even when used often for long periods.

This Fortnite Controller will enable you to have your favorite character designed on each side, and it also has a wireless connection, so the player can be free of cables.

This controller is one of the best gifts for Fortnite gamers – that not only you can choose what design you want, but it also has a great price, and all players love this kind of gift..


  • A vast range of connectivity options
  • Premium feel
  • Refined geometry
  • Textured grip


  • No advanced gaming buttons
  • You’ll need to buy additional rechargeable batteries on your own

Best Value: Burst Pro Mouse + ROCCAT Magma Keyboard Bundle

A gamer uses his keyboard and mouse the most, so if you give him both as a gift, you will make a great choice. Any tension from the game and trouble is mainly shown on the mouse and keyboard, so now is the time to change his old mouse and keyboard for better ones, and he will have a better game of Fortnite.

This mouse is improved better over the rest. When compared to the best, the Burst Pro feel immediately superior. It has a brand-new, very ergonomic form that is made from scratch. The moment your palm touches it, you’ll feel the improvement.

This mouse is a result of the careful attention to detail used to improve the appearance and functionality of every component of the mouse. Additionally, it serves as a striking demonstration of AIMO lighting.

The keyboard contains silent membrane keys, which are made of premium rubber domes for quiet typing that are responsive and dependable. The keyboard has detachable palm rest. The Magma’s retractable palm rest combines comfort and functionality. It is simple to turn on and off based on your preferences. When you need wrist support for typing but like the direct sensation of gaming without it, or vice versa, it’s perfect.

These are a great double gift for any Fortnite player, and their price is perfect for what you get. 


  • Ergonomic posture
  • Professional appearance


  • You’ll need to determine if the Fortnite gamer wants this specific set

Budget: MONOPOLY – Fortnite Edition

Of course, if you want to play something interesting, fun, and friendly, Monopoly is the first thing that comes to mind. Monopoly is a game we all love, and everyone plays it, from young to old. The game does not recognize age and is fun for all ages.

Now there is a new edition of the game, inspired by the popular game Fortnite which is fun for both – regular Fortnite players and those who have not played the game. The game is not about how much the player will earn but how long he can survive. This Fortnite Monopoly comes with 27 outfits, and players can choose which of their favorite players they want to play.

This Fortnite Monopoly is a great gift that anyone can’t resist playing. Also, the price is minimal, and anyone can afford it.


  • Perfect for board players who also like Fortnite
  • Fun and enjoyable
  • Unique gift


  • Only for board game lovers

The Takeaway

These were our best gifts for Fortnite gamers that would make any player satisfied and happy. All of these selections are one way or another connected to Fortnite and depending on the person’s preference you can choose a gift that will surprise them.

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