Fortnite: Fencing Fields Weapon Mod Bench Location

Where can you find the weapon mod bench in Fencing Fields?

With another new chapter and season of Fortnite comes a brand new map and more exciting additions to the game that continues to spice things up for this ever-changing battle royale game.

One of the new features include weapon mod benches that allow you to modify guns with a variety of accessories. In this guide, we’ll go through the location of the bench in Fencing Fields.

Fencing Fields Weapon Mod Bench Location

From outside of the compound in Fencing Fields, which is on the lower middle part of the map, make your way inside through one of the various paths leading to the main building.

One way is through the southern part of the area. From here, run straight inside and take a right near the end to go through a white door.

Fortnite fencing fields directions

Once through the door, take another right into the building and turn right once more to go up the stairs.

From there, rather than going into the large building, jump over the hedges and descend down the stairs to a cellar.

Fortnite fencing fields directions 2

Inside the cellar, turn to the east and enter through the doorway. The vault you need to enter should be right in front of you from there.

Fortnite vault directions

Just be careful, as somebody else might have gotten there before you. Also, if the vault hasn’t been opened yet, that means that the Nisha boss in this area has not been slain yet, so you may have to find and fight her for her medallion if you’re the first person here.

Fortnite vault combat

That’s pretty much all you need to know in order to find the weapon mod bench inside the vault in Fencing Fields. There are more scattered around other places in the map, so try to learn their locations to better strategize for your future matches!

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