Fortnite: Snooty Steppes Weapon Mod Bench Location | Chapter 5

How do you gain access to the weapon mod bench in the Snooty Steppes?

With the latest season of Fortnite, the developers added weapon mod benches that allow players to alter their guns with various additional accessories. These are hidden all across the map and are guarded by tough bosses that you will be required to defeat if you really want to modify your weapons. In this guide, we’ll quickly go through how you can access the bench hidden in the Snooty Steppes.

Snooty Steppes Weapon Mod Bench Location | Chapter 5

The Snooty Steppes can be found on the southwestern edge of the map. Upon dropping in the area or simply making your way there from wherever you started, make your way to the building on the northwestern part of the area.

Fortnite snooty steppes vault location

There, you should notice a moving icon of Peter Griffin, assuming he’s still alive. Once you find Peter, you will have to defeat him in order to get his medallion. Watch out for his guards as well, as there will be some patrolling around the area.

Fortnite peter griffin fight

Once you have his medallion, the game will point you towards the location of the vault, which is where the weapon mod bench will be located.

It is right under the building where the boss spawns. With Peter Griffin’s medallion on hand, the scanner beside the vault door should let you in.

Fortnite snooty steppes vault

Once inside, the weapon mod bench should be right there, along with a bunch of other guns and chests that you can loot.

And that’s all you need to know in order to get to the bench hidden in Snooty Steppes. Make sure to have enough gold if you plan on adding or changing the modifications on your guns!

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