Fortnite: All 8 NPC Characters Locations | Chapter 5

Where are all of the non-hostile NPCs located in Fortnite’s latest season?

In Fortnite, there have been countless hostile and friendly NPCs scattered throughout the different maps, and the first season of Chapter 5 works the same way.

Not only are there bosses guarding vaults all over the map, but there are also friendly NPCs that you can recruit or trade with.

In this guide, we’ll go through each of the interactable NPCs added in the latest season.

All 8 NPC Characters Locations | Chapter 5

There is a total of eight friendly NPCs that you can interact with this season, and below, we’ll go through the location of each of them.

NOTE: As of writing this, the ability to recruit these NPCs is currently disabled, though once the developers have fixed whatever is wrong with it, they can eventually be paid to tag along with you!

Sun Tan Specialist

First up, the Sun Tan Specialist can be found lounging around in a beach on the southwestern part of the map. Specifically, his location is to the southwest of Pleasant Piazza and northwest of Snooty Steppes.

Fortnite sun tan specialist

Metal Mouth

Next, Metal Mouth can be found slightly northwest of the Reckless Railways. He hangs around in the graveyard that you can find in the highlighted location on the map below.

Fortnite metal mouth

Vengeance Jones

This one will require just a bit of navigating, as Vengeance Jones can be found hiding inside a tunnel southeast of Pleasant Piazza.

Fortnite vengeance jones location

Upon entering the tunnel, turn left and go down the stairs. At the end of this path, turn to the right and go through the door. Vengeance Jones should be walking around in the middle of this hidden safehouse.

Fortnite vengeance jones


Next up is Hope, who can be found just slightly northwest of the Hazy Hillside. Upon entering the tunnel from either entrance, you should be able to spot a speech bubble icon floating around behind one of the doors.

Fortnite hope location

From here, simply go inside and climb up the stairs. Hope should be standing at the corner to the right of the tip of the staircase.

Fortnite hope

Snow Striker

Snow Striker can be found to the lower east part of the map, almost directly south of the Grand Glacier.

He hangs around on a campsite above the mountains, so you may find it more convenient to drop directly on top of him if you can.

Fortnite snow striker


Next up is Steelsight, who can be found at Rebel’s Roost, which is on the northwestern corner of the entire map.

Once you make it to that location, simply head over to the roof of the large house to find her.

Fortnite steelsight

Contract Giller

The Contract Giller hangs out at the northern tip of the map, slightly northwest of the Classy Courts. You will find him walking around on the docks in the highlighted part of the map below.

Fortnite contract giller

Mecha Team Shadow

Finally, Mecha Team Shadow is located in the station northeast of Pleasant Piazza. He can be found walking around in the open beside the train tracks.

Fortnite mecha team shadow

And those are all eight of the NPCs that you can recruit or trade with, in the current season of Fortnite. In addition to these guys, there are also various bosses that are guarding some loot-filled vaults scattered throughout the map!

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