Black Clover M: Complete Plaitchidna Raid Guide | Best Teams & Shop Priority

How do you get through this new raid and what should you be buying?

There are many challenges to take on in Black Clover M, and new bits of content are added to the game every now and then.

Among the newest additions to the game is the Plaitchidna raid, which has several parts and has a wide range of rewards that you can pick from. In this guide, we’ll quickly go through some of the best teams you can use and what rewards to buy from the store.

Complete Plaitchidna Raid Guide | Best Teams & Shop Priority

The first thing to keep in mind with this boss is that it has a passive ability wherein it will constantly change colors whenever it takes any damage.

Because of this, there is no set color team that you should be aiming for, as you will constantly be changing its type with every single hit.

Phase 1

For the first phase, you have to constantly be on the lookout for the boss’ damage over time attacks. Once it has its ultimate up, it will deal bonus damage for each instance of damage over time effects on your characters.

Just kill him as fast as possible in order to avoid potential disaster, as taking too long will eventually result in your squad getting wiped out instantly.

Black Clover M phase 1 of raid

Phase 2

During the second phase, the boss will still continue to change colors every time it takes damage, however, its abilities will change.

On top of buffing itself, the boss can also remove debuffs and grant itself immunity to them for several turns. This will give your debuffers a rather difficult time during this phase.

Its ultimate will also inflict your entire team with very impactful debuffs, including reduced defenses that will render you incredibly vulnerable.

Black Clover M phase 2 of raid

Best Teams to Use

You will need two different teams, because you must choose one for each phase. Because of this, you have to choose the best characters for the specific conditions of each phase.

For the first phase, you can try utilizing the following team setup:

  • Attacker – Rhya, Yami (Red), or Academy Asta
  • Supporters with various buffs – Gauche, Finral, Sally, and/or Rades. If using Rhya as your DPS, any buffs will do as long as they are unique, otherwise, prioritize All Attack.
  • Debuffer – Charlotte is important for her defense reduction debuffs.
Black Clover M team 1

For your second phase team, which can perform just fine in the first phase as well, this combination will work:

  • Attacker – Julius
  • Debuffers – Nebra and Lotus. You can also substitute Nebra for other debuffers with Buff Block, such as Nozel.
  • Defender – Mars
Black Clover M team 2

Alternatively, for phase two specifically, you can also go for a more healercentric team based around stalling with the following characters:

  • Attacker – Noelle (Swimsuit) can grant barriers on top of her damage dealing capabilities.
  • Healers – Mimosa (Green) and Charmy (Swimsuit) are really good healers that also have great utility.
  • Defender – Mars can constantly taunt the boss and tank hits for the team.
Black Clover M team 3

Your auto setup for each group will largely depend on the units that you use or have, but generally, focus on prioritizing applying buffs and debuffs first.

Prioritize Buff Block for the teams that use it, and always have Mars spamming taunts in order to keep the boss occupied whenever he is present.

Black Clover M combat

Exchange Center Priority

For the raid shop, you should go for the maximum allowed daily purchases of stamina and Yul (not the one that gives you 500) first before you go for anything else.

After that, you should try your best to save up for the SSR Skill Enhancement Page. This item is incredibly hard to get from other sources, so prioritize that over the other limited account offerings.

Once you have secured the skill enhancement page, you can go for the Fragment of Will, Shard of Will, or Crystal of Will depending on your personal needs.

Black Clover M exchange center

And that is pretty much everything you need to know about the Plaitchidna raid in Black Clover M. Hopefully, you have the necessary units to breeze through the two phases and farm for those rewards!

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