Dying Light 2: Tanning Salon Trophy | Achievement Guide

Shine some light on that Viral and you’ll get that trophy!

Dying Light 2 is filled with main quests that can progress the main story of the game. Even though these quests can be challenging, they can give you equipment that will help you further. This guide will show you how you can get the Tanning Salon Trophy Achievement.

Tanning Salon Trophy – Dying Light 2

Before you can get the Tanning Salon trophy, you are going to need the UV Flashlight first. The UV Flashlight is an equipment that can stop and weaken the infected. You can get this by doing the main story quest called Welcome On Board.

One of the objectives of the mission is to talk to Meyer. She will give you the UV Flashlight so go ahead and equip the flashlight. Once you have the flashlight, go out and shine the UV Flashlight on a Viral.

When it is weakened and you see a purple glowing light on them, use a melee weapon to kill them.

NOTE: You do not need to upgrade your UV Flashlight to get this achievement. Simply perform a melee attack when the Viral is weakened by the UV light.

After defeating the weakened Viral, you will get the Tanning Salon Trophy.

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