Choo-Choo Charles – All Paint Can Collectible Locations Guide

Find all of the 11 Paint Cans with ease!

If you decide to travel around the Choo-Choo Charles land you shall be noticing quite a bit of Paint Cans. Well, the reason behind that is that they are a part of a mission and trophy. In this guide, we shall be helping you out with how to find all of them. Let’s get started.

All Paint Can Collectible Locations Guide – Choo-Choo Charles

There are a total of 11 Paint Cans that are scattered throughout the world. You are able to find them all one by one and the best pattern to go after them will be presented in this guide.

1st Paint Can Location

You shall need to follow the main road and then just break off to the right where it is presented in the picture above. It will be behind the NPC inside the wooden house.

2nd Paint Can Location

You will follow the road just a little bit more to the north and then break off to the left here. Get inside the tunnel and follow it until you reach a yellow chest. Open the chest and here you will find it.

3rd Paint Can Location

To the east side of the map next to the dock and shoreline. It will be inside a small little wooden hut.

4th Paint Can Location

Get to this highlighted X and then get inside the big tower in the middle of the forest. On top of the tower open the yellow chest and you shall get the paint can.

5th Paint Can Location

After you go to the final U to the north, you will get to a small tunnel shown at the X on the picture above. Get inside the tunnel and beware of the guard. You will want to be following the guard silently behind him and open up the chest.

6th Paint Can Location

On the very top left corner of the map. You will leave the train as shown above, and then start walking to that location. The Paint Can will be on the wooden dock.

7th Paint Can Location

Inside the house right next to the train tracks.

8th Paint Can Location

Take the small bridge that will lead you to these little roads and big houses. Search the house on the right and you shall find the Can.

9th Paint Can Location

You will come to the X location and get inside the cave tunnel at the bottom of the ground. Beware of the guard inside and get to the elevator that will take you even lower underground.

Once at the bottom, just follow the tunnel and you will find the Chest with the Can inside.

10th Paint Can Location

This one is in the center and pretty much far away from the train tracks. It will be out in the open just in front of a cave entrance.

11th Paint Can Location

Inside this house that can be found on top of the train tracks.

Those are all the Paint cans! We hope that this guide has helped you out collecting them all. Have fun doing it yourself and try not to get yourself killed!

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