Choo-Choo Charles: Collect 8 Pages from the Boulder Field

2012 called, they want their Slender reference back.

In 2012, there was a little game called Slender. This game brought fear to millions of internet dwellers, as well as bringing the Creepypasta called Slenderman into the spotlight. The game was simple: collect 8 pages to beat it. However, the moment you collect one page, Slenderman comes out to haunt you and kill you. He will appear in front of you or behind you just as you turn around. In Choo-Choo Charles, there is a mission that references the popular 2012 game, and we have a guide here to help you beat it.

Collect 8 Pages from the Boulder Field – Choo-Choo Charles

Go to the NPC to get the mission

In order to play this Slenderman inspired mission, you will need to go to this NPC in this part of the map.

There will be a house and an NPC named Sasha who talks to you about a ghost at Boulder Field that is putting up pages on lampposts. She says that she got half of the pages, but needs you to get the last half.

Go to Boulder Field and collect all 8 pages

After speaking to Sasha, you will get the mission called Boulder Field Pages, with the location marked on your map. When you get there, you will see that it is a wide area with lampposts everywhere. You have to find the lampposts with the pages on it in order to beat it.

A trick to beating this mission is to find the lampposts with lights on. These indicate that there is a page hanging on it. The first page you will most likely come across will show you that it has the light on, but the rest without pages will be dark.

Be careful though, because as soon as you pick up one page, you will be chased by the ghost. When you look at it from a distance, you will see the ghost chasing you. When it gets closer, however, your screen will go black and white and will be insanely bright, almost blinding if you look at it. If you aren’t looking at the ghost, you will know it is closer because your screen will become black and white and grainy.

If you do get caught by the ghost, then you won’t have to worry about starting over. The ghost does not kill you. Instead, it will teleport you back to the entrance to the area with the pages still on you. So continue to find all the lampposts with the lights on to find all 8 pages.

Once you have all 8 pages, the ghost will disappear and stop chasing you. You then go back to Sasha and give her the 8 pages, which will then reward you with some Scrap.

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