Choo-Choo Charles: The Pickle Mission | Get the Pickles from Pickle Cave & Lockpick Location

Looks like we’re in a bit of a “pickle”, huh?

Choo-Choo Charles has a main story that tells you the lore of the island and why Charles is the way it is. The game doesn’t have a lot of content other than side missions, but there is always more room for improvements and updates that really bring out the full potential of the game. But for now, we are going to be showing you how to complete certain side missions, like the Pickle Mission (yes that is a real mission). If you are interested, then follow this guide and we will show you how to complete the Pickle Mission.

Get the Pickles from Pickle Cave & Lockpick Location – Choo-Choo Charles

Get the mission by speaking to the NPC

In this part of the map, you can find the optional mission here.

The NPC is appropriately named The Pickle Lady, and she is hanging out outside a house, screaming about how she needs more pickles. Talking to her, she will tell you that she needs you to find her the last jar of pickles locked away inside her pickle cave.

After speaking to The Pickle Lady, you will get the location for The Pickle Mission, which isn’t located too far from The Pickle Lady. However, you cannot go there yet unless you have the lockpick.

Get the Lockpick from Daryl

If you already have the lockpick, then you can skip this part. But if you don’t, then you need to complete the optional mission from Daryl by going to his location here and completing his optional mission. Only then, you can continue to get the last jar of pickles.

Go to the Pickle Cave and open the chest

Once you have the lockpick, follow your objective marker to where the Pickle Cave is. Here, you will find a chest with a lock on it. With the lockpick, you will enter a minigame.

The minigame isn’t that hard. All you need to do is press the left mouse button when the ball moves over the holes, which will then open the chest. You might have to do this multiple times until it opens.

Bring the pickles back to The Pickle Lady

With the pickles in hand, make your way back to The Pickle Lady and give it to her. She will then reward you with some scrap, thus ending the optional mission.

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