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Never lose your journal when there’s a murderous train roaming around.

Living on an island with a monstrous spider train can definitely lead to people going crazy. Day after day, night after night full of fear, waiting for the end to come. Sometimes it’s nice to have something to distract you from the terrible world you live in, like having a journal nearby to record your thoughts, making sure that you existed in a time when a spider train was wreaking havoc. In this guide, we will help Santiago find his lost journal, which is a optional mission called Journal Returnal.

Choo-Choo Charles – Find Santiago’s Journal

Go to the NPC to get the mission

The optional mission can be found on a dock on the east side of the island. You can find it on the map.

There, you will find Captain Santiago. He wants to leave the island as he cannot handle living with a murderous train running amok (can you really blame him?). But, he cannot leave without his journal, which he left at his home.

Go to Santiago’s home and grab his journal

After talking to Santiago, will then have the Journal Returnal mission added. You can open your map and see the objective marker that leads to Santiago’s home.

Go inside the house and you can find another door that leads to another room that contains the journal. After grabbing it, make the journey back to Santiago.

Go back to Santiago and give him the journal. He will then thank you for grabbing the journal for him and reward you with scraps.

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