Complete List Of What The Sonic Origins DLC Will Contain

What will you get in Sonic Origins?

The Sonic Origins DLC will be out and players are excited about the redefined sonic games. There are two modes, the Classic and Anniversary modes. This article will talk about the complete list of the contents of the Sonic Origins DLC. 

List of Contents – Sonic Origins DLC

So what will be inside the Sonic Origins DLC? Is it worth it to pre-order? If you pre-order Sonic Origins or the Start Dash Pack, you will get an exclusive DLC. You will have 100 additional in-game coins, access to mirror mode, and an exclusive letterbox design. 

The Digital Deluxe edition will have the base game, harder missions, letterbox designs, and a character display on the main menu. You will have the Main Menu Island View function and additional character animations and songs in the game. 

The Premium Fun Pack will have the same additions as the Digital Deluxe except for the additional songs in the Museum Sound Collection. You can purchase the Classic Music Pack to get the additional songs for the Museum Sound Collection. 

There you have it, that is the different contents you will get with different DLCs and if you pre-order the game. 

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