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Get ready for Monster Hunter Sunbreak!

Monster Hunter Sunbreak is a DLC for Monster Hunter Rise. With its release around the corner, some players may want to prepare and get ready for the DLC. This guide will show you how you can get ready for Monster Hunter Sunbreak. 

Get Ready for Sunbreak – Monster Hunter Sunbreak

The Monster Hunter Sunbreak DLC is almost out, and you might want to prepare some items before it releases. Mega Demondrugs and Armorskin potions are important in boosting your damage and defense. 

To craft them, you need Pale Extracts. To easily get Pale Extracts, go to the Village Quests and head over to the rank 3 quests. Accept the Faceless Foe quest where you need to hunt a Khezu. Capture it and break its head to increase your drop chance. 

Bring along a gathering-type Palico as well. Make sure to use the Buddy Dojo to level up your Palamutes and Palicos. You can speed up this process by going to the arena and avoiding the buff at the start. Keep dying and restarting the quest until you have died 10 times, which counts to the buddy dojo rounds. 

Dango Tickets and Buddy Gear

Dango Tickets can increase your chances of activating the food buffs in your meals. To get them, go to the Buddy Plaza and go to Exchange for Trade Goods. Purchase raw meats and cook all those raw meat in the Motley Mix. Talk to Yomogi to get the Dango tickets afterward.

When it comes to the Buddy Gear, the best setup as of the moment is the Valstrax set. Make sure to get Valstrax scraps to maximize the loadout of your Palicos and Palamutes.

Hard Armor Spheres and Zenny

You will need Hard Armor Spheres to upgrade your armor. To easily get them, accept the optional subquests that give hard armor spheres as a reward. Mining and Gathering quests are the best optional subquests. Simply go on an expedition tour and complete these subquests. 

Lastly, expeditions on lava caverns with Upsurge on Mining Outcrops or Local Items can give you extra Zenny or Kamura Points.

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