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Sonic Origins: Start Dash, Premium Fun & Classic Music Pack Explained

Thinking of buying Sonic Origins’ DLC Pack? Here’s what you need to know!

With the revival of Sonic and gangs in Sonic Origins, Sega has included some DLC packs for hardcore fans to buy. This will sure bring some new air to this all-time classic video game.

It might be a little confusing for fans wondering what these packs are, but look no further. ItemLevel lays it all out for you Sonic fans!

Start Dash, Premium Fun & Classic Music Pack Explained – Sonic Origins

  • Start Dash Pack

Pre-ordering the game will get you the Start Dash Pack for free. This pack includes the Main Game, 100 bonus coins, Mirror Mode (unlockable in-game), and an exclusive Letterbox background for playing through classic mode

Although the Mirror Mode is unlockable in-game, getting this pack will instantly unlock the Mirror Mode for you to access!

Sonic Origins Start Dash Pack
  • Premium Fun Pack

Sonic Origins Premium Fun Pack can be purchased separately at the moment. This pack includes 11 Hard Missions, 10 Letterbox Background designs, Main Menu Character Animation, Camera Control over the Main Menu Islands, Music Islands Character Animation.

Sonic Origins Premium Fun Pack
  • Classic Music Pack

This pack will give hardcore Sonic fans a way to nostalgia with some classic music from the original Sonic games from Sega Mega Drive/Genesis titles.

This pack includes 73 Extra Tracks.

Sonic Origins Classic Music Pack

Although the prices are still to be determined, a lot of hardcore Sonic fans are already waiting for these packs to release. We hope this gives you insight about Sonic Origins’ DLC pack and what to expect from them.

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