Darkest Dungeon 2: Best Grave Robber Builds | 1.0 Update

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Darkest Dungeon 2 Grave Robber builds

The Grave Robber is a low HP high damage character in Darkest Dungeon 2. It’s one of your many choices for DPS in the game and has some interesting skills to pick from. Not only that but the high damage is augmented by the high crit chance this character has. If you want to have her in your tema you should first know the viable builds you can do with her.

In this guide, we’ll show you some of the best Grave Robber builds in the game. Now get ready to use that pick and throw some darts!

Best Grave Robber Builds

We have 3 builds here one of which is the Nightsworn build, a high damage and high mobility one. Then there’s the Wanderer build for those who don’t have a path unlocked yet. Lastly there’s the Deadeye build for a more ranged-focused Grave Robber.

Nightsworn Build

The Nightsworn path lowers the already low HP of the Grave Robber. In exchange, you get a massive damage buff while in stealth with Lunge and Pirouette. A highly mobile build that moves around because of her skills and with a couple of healing options as well.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Grave Robber Nightsworn Build

Here are the skills you’ll want to take for this build:

  • Pirouette – The path buffs this skill so we’ll take it. Deals tons of damage with the buff and moves the Grave Robber back.
  • Lunge – Another skill buffed by the path, high damage and sends the Grave Robber forward.
  • Dead of Night – A corpse clearer as well as a heal, you’ll need it because of the low HP.
  • Poison Dart – A backup attack while waiting for the cooldowns.
  • Absinthe – Another heal that also gives you dodge.

A high-risk high reward build with low HP but high crit rate and damage. This build excels in a mobile team which by itself is a difficult team to build. It’s best to have a team of other mobile heroes like Highwaymen, Men-At-Arms and Jesters being the top picks. If you need builds for the Highwayman, we have a guide for that so go check that out!

Wanderer Build

A more versatile build since the path doesn’t debuff or buff you in any way. The best part of this build is that you can use it at the start while unlocking other paths. This build has some great melee, ranged and even damage-over-time.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Grave Robber Wanderer Build

Here are the skills you’ll want to take for this build:

  • Pick To The Face – Your melee skill that ignores block.
  • Poison Dart – Your ranged skill that can aim anywhere.
  • Dead of Night – Your main healing skill as well as a corpse clearer.
  • Absinthe – Another healing skill that gives you dodge.
  • Flashing Daggers – The last skill isn’t really used so just go for the safe option of Flashing Daggers.

This build doesn’t have the best damage compared to the previous one but doesn’t need a mobile team. It’s best used in Rank 3 while other tankier heroes should be up front. This build shines best at Act 2 with the melee attack that ignores block but struggles at the later stages but still viable.

Deadeye Build

Similar in damage output to Wanderer but sacrifices melee attacks for ranged ones. The Deadeye path reduces the effectiveness of melee skills and increases ranged skills.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Grave Robber Deadeye Build

Here are the skills you’ll want to take for this build:

  • Thrown Dagger – A ranged attack buffed by the path with a higher crit.
  • Poison Dart – Ranged attack that is buffed by the path.
  • Dead of Night – Your main healing skill that also clears corpses.
  • Absinthe – A healing skill that gives you dodge.
  • Pirouette – Usually just used as an opening move to get into position for your other skills.

This build is best when the team composition is good with the Grave Robber starting at Rank 2. You start off combat with Pirouette which sends her back and continue throwing darts and daggers from there. This build has a high crit chance and does descent damage.

Those are the best builds for the Grave Robber in Darkest Dungeon 2. The character is one of the more interesting DPS characters out there. With a wide range of moves and a naturally high crit rate, it’s always a great addition to the team.

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