Darkest Dungeon 2: Shun Them Not Guide

Foster the Sick with the Leper!

If you are looking for a character that is tanky and can hold the frontlines, you should take a look at Leper. You can unlock this character after reaching Profile Rank 12. Below are some of his characteristics and how you can unlock his Break Skill in his first story mission. 

Baldwin, the Leper

Baldwin is a frontline character that can buff himself and damage the enemies in front. He also has a healing skill that can remove stress pips and heal his health by 33%. He can also remove blind and combo tokens using his default skill called Reflection. The Leper can also grant himself a block and taunt buff. 

How to unlock Break

To unlock break, you must visit the shrine for the 1st time. You will get a mission called Shun them Not and you have to heal the sick to complete the mission and unlock the Break skill. The Break skill deals single-target damage to enemies. 

Once you begin the mission, you will see 4 sick people and 3 Advisors. Use Out of My Way in the first turn and then Embrace the sick to heal one of them. This will heal some stress but put you back to your previous position. Do the Royal Stride to heal some stress damage if you only have one turn. Once you have two turns, use Out of My Way and Embrace the sick. You can also use the Royal Rebuke to stun the advisors and prevent any more stress damage. 

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