Darkest Dungeon 2: Best Runaway Builds | 1.0 Update

Burn it all to the ground!

Darkest Dungeon 2 Runaway

With a new game comes a new hero and that’s the Runaway in Darkest Dungeon 2. Since this is a new hero, it might get some time to get used to the new skills and possibilities with this hero. The Runaway can be a great off healer as well as DPS if you build it right.

In this guide, we’ll show you some of the best builds for the Runaway. Get ready to burn some enemies into crisps.

Best Runaway Builds

There are two great builds for the Runaway and both of them uses the great fire skills the hero has. One is the Arsonist which keeps on dealing fire damage to anything. Then there’s the Orphan at Rank 4 that deals a lot more fire damage in exchange for a worse fire application.

Arsonist Build

The best build in the list the Arsonist makes use of the Runaway’s many fire skills. Not only that but it also makes for a great off-heal due to one of her skills. It increases the crit rate of burn-causing skills, increases the burn application and lowers the damage of other skills. The downside is that there’s a chance the Runaway gets burnt at turn start.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Runaway Arsonist Build

Here are the skills you’ll want to get for this build:

  • Firefly – Probably the most used skill for this build since this is your main way to apply burn.
  • Smokescreen – One of the best debuff in the game and a must-have for any Runaway build.
  • Cauterize – Your off-heal skill that removes bleed.
  • Controlled Burn – Can be picked if you plan to have the Runaway at Rank 3.
  • Run and Hide – Can go into stealth and can have regen on upgrade.

This build focuses on just using the Firefly skill and most of the time that’s the only thing you’ll be using. The Cauterize skill is great for some off-heal and bleed in-between using Firefly. This build is best placed at Rank 3 but can be placed at Rank 4 as well since there’s not a lot of characters that are best there.

Orphan Build

This Orphan build is just like the Arsonist but deals more burn but without the buff to application. The Orphan path has different buffs and debuffs depending on which rank the Runaway is. At Rank 4 the Runaway gets +2 burn dealt but -40% damage.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Runaway Orphan Build

Here are the skills you’ll want to get for this build:

  • Firefly – Since this path increases burn dealt Firefly is perfect here.
  • Smokescreen – Still the best debuff in the game so get it.
  • Cauterize – Off-hand healing is still good.
  • Hearthlight – Removes stealth from the target, a great utility skill.
  • Run and Hide – You go into stealth and can even have regen on upgrade.

Place the Runaway on Rank 4 to maximize the burn dealt and this build functions the same as the Arsonist. It has some problems with bosses though that has higher resistance so it’s a gamble to play this on those situations. Best to bring a proper team with it like a Men-At-Arms to riposte with the burn. Make sure to get trinkets that increase burn application since it’s needed for this build.

If you want to have a proper Men-At-Arms with this build make sure to check out our guide for the best Men-At-Arms builds! Make sure to have one in the party!

That’s all the best Runaway builds for Darkest Dungeon 2. A very interesting new character in the game that can deal a lot of fire damage. For those pyromaniacs out there, this is the character for you!

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