Darkest Dungeon 2: Best Hellion Builds | 1.0 Update

Here’s a couple of interesting builds!

Darkest Dungeon 2 Hellion Builds

One of the best DPS classes in Darkest Dungeon 2 is the Hellion. Almost all of her moves deal damage along with buffing herself. Not only that but she also has one of the best self-healing in the game making her a great front-line unit. Of course, to maximize the potential of the Hellion you first need to know the builds.

In this guide we’ll show you a couple of the best builds for the Hellion in the game. Now get ready to deal some massive damage!

Best Hellion Builds

The Hellion suffers from poor build variation, with some paths being downright sub-optimal to use. We’ll be going through two builds; one is Ravager that focuses on dishing damage and Carcass which funnily enough turns the Hellion into a tank.

Ravager Build

Starting with the best build we have the Ravager. Almost every skill choice for this build is an attack that gives some buffs to the Hellion. The build can clear the winded status in a bunch of different ways. This build has great damage potential overall and can be even better with the right party.

Darkest Dungeon Hellion Ravager Build

Here are the skills you’ll want to get for this build:

  • Wicked Hack – An attack that covers the first and second enemies.
  • Iron Swan – This attack is to be used to target the back most enemy.
  • Howling End – Your big damage attack that sends the Hellion back by 1.
  • Toe to Toe – This is to be used after Howling end to send the Hellion forward.
  • Adrenaline Rush – One of the strongest self heals in the game as it removes bleeding and winded as well.

This build is best placed in the front line and she should stay there. So a mobile team’s not really the best for the Ravager Hellion. You can pair this build up with a Vanguard Man-At-Arms to soak up the damage while the Hellion dishes damage. In our guide on the Man-At-Arms, we show you the best Vanguard build there is so check that one out!

Carcass Build

Not the most powerful build out there but it is viable and fun to use. The Carcass path turns the Hellion into a tank which gives her winded tokens as well as block tokens for each winded ones. Barbaric Yawp also gets a taunt and she heals stress when she does a critical hit.

Darkest Dungeon Hellion Carcass Build

Here are the skills you’ll want to get for this build:

  • Barbaric Yawp – The main skill that is buffed by the path, it now has taunt.
  • Toe to Toe – Add more taunt when the Yawp is in cooldown.
  • Raucous Revelry – Your main stress healing skill.
  • Adrenaline Rush – A must have self heal since it’s still the strongest one there is.
  • Bleed Out or If it Bleeds – Depends on the position of the Hellion, if she’s in front take Bleed Out, if she’s the second front-liner then take If it Bleeds.

As you can see this build takes all that you know about the Hellion and throws it out of the window. The main DPS character is now a tank, with barely any DPS. It changes up the class and can be quite interesting with the amount of block tokens you can get. This build can also work with a mobile team because of Toe to Toe. Of course, bring a damage dealer and a stress healer in the team to balance things out.

That’s all of the best builds for Hellion in Darkest Dungeon 2. It’s not much and hopefully the developers keep on changing things up to give way for more builds. There are some builds out there like the Berserker build but it’s sub-optimal and difficult to justify. Make sure to try these builds out!

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