Darkest Dungeon 2: Night Cap Guide

Help Audrey poison her husband!

Audrey is suffering from her abusive husband and now she has taken it into her own hands to remove the problem. This story mission is the mission for the Grave Robber character that you can use in the game. Completing the missions will unlock new skills, making the character stronger. 

The Night Cap Mission

This mission consists of Audrey’s abusive husband. He will be drunk and you have to poison his drink and let him die from the Blight to complete the mission. When the 1st round starts, your husband will throw a tantrum and you should choose to Stay Out of Reach first. When is not shielded anymore, chooses to poison his drink. Take a Breath and heal your stress damage. 

When your husband has the threatening icon, you can choose to Placate him but do not rely entirely on this as the success rate of this is random. Poison his drink again and just take a breath until his health bar is down to 0. 

Repartee Skill

After completing the mission, you will get the Repartee skill as a reward. This skill allows Audrey to get the dodge and taunt buff when she is currently in stealth mode. 

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