Darkest Dungeon 2: Best Highwayman Builds | 1.0 Update

Good old Dismas is back!

Darkest Dungeon 2 Highwayman Dismas

The Highwayman is one of the first characters you get in the first Darkest Dungeon and now he’s back in Darkest Dungeon 2. Mainly a DPS character the Highwayman doesn’t bring any utility or tanking to the party. Instead, the Highwayman brings pain and suffering to the enemy with its many attacks. Always pair the Highwayman with a tank or a healer and know what’s the best builds for it are.

In this guide we’ll show you a couple of builds for the Highwayman so you can increase the damage of your party! Now let’s get shooting and slashing and see what the skills you should get are!

Best Highwayman Builds

There are two builds that we will be showing for the Highwayman. One is the Sharpshot build which is the best damage dealing build and the other is the Rogue build for a more flexible approach. The latter build is best used when trying to work up the former build.

Sharpshot Build

Probably my favorite build in the game because I’m more a gun guy. The Sharpshot path lowers melee damage but also increases ranged damage. It also buffs the Highwayman’s speed and gives Grapeshot Blast a strength token.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Highwayman Sharpshot Build

Here are the skills you need to take for this build:

  • Take Aim – Usually the first thing you use before either going for Grapeshot or Double Tap.
  • Grapeshot Blast – Your main AOE attack that’s also buffed by the Sharpshot path.
  • Double Tap – Your main single-target attack that’s great for bosses.
  • Pistol Shot – Use this to target the very back of the enemy party.
  • Point Blank Shot or Highway Robbery – Point Blank Shot paired with Take Aim can deal a lot of damage. You can also get Highway Robbery to remove dangerous enemy tokens.

As you can tell we’ll be shooting a lot with this build. You’ll usually start with Take Aim and either go for Grapeshot Blast to do AOE or Double Tap/Point Blank Shot for single target damage. You’ll want to add a tank to your party as well and one of the best tanks is the Men-At-Arms. In our guide on the best builds for the Men-At-Arms you can try to see which is the best for your team!

Rogue Build

The Rogue build isn’t really that great compared to the Sharpshot build but it is a viable one when you’re working up to unlock the Sharpshot path. It is more flexible than the previous build using both ranged and melee attacks.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Highwayman Rogue Build

Here are the skills you need to take for this build:

  • Point Blank Shot – Along with Duelist’s Advance these are the two main attacks you’ll be using.
  • Duelist’s Advance – You’ll use this after Point Blank Shot to get back to the front of the party.
  • Take Aim – A great addition if you want more damage.
  • Wicked Slice – Take this to target the second in line.
  • Open Vein or Double Tap – The last skill really isn’t used in this build unless you want to so take either of these.

This build relies on the rogue being at the front so the best combination for this is the Man-At-Arms next to it. This is especially true since Point Blank Shot sets up a combo with him. The build shines best with a good team like a Vestal at 3rd position and a Jester at 4th. The Vestal can consecrate while the Jester can push the Rogue back to the front when needed along with a buff.

Those are the two best builds for Highwayman in Darkest Dungeon 2. There’s a lot of other characters out there so make sure to know the proper builds for them!

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