Deep Rock Galactic: Foreign Objects In The Launch Bay Trophy Guide

Barrels in the Launch Bay? Surely a little won’t hurt, right?

There are a few items in the Spacerig that you can interact with, and one of them is barrels. The Launch Bay and barrels don’t mix, so what will happen if you kick all the barrels in the launch bay? Find out using this guide!

How to Get Foreign Objects In The Launch Bay Trophy — Deep Rock Galactic

Go to your Spacerig and head towards the Launch Bay. You will see a couple of blue barrels surrounding the Launch Bay Area. Start kicking the blue barrels into the Launch tube area and you will get a warning from the mission control.

Continue looking around for blue barrels and kick them into the launch tube. There are a few barrels near the Forge and the Jukebox as well.

Go to the upper floor and climb the ladder to your left. You will see a green barrel here so kick that into the Launch Bay as well. There is also a blue barrel in the same area where you found the green barrel.

After kicking the barrels to the launch tube, head to your right. You will see more barrels here.

NOTE: You need to kick a total of 25 barrels to get the trophy.

After kicking all the barrels into the launch tube and got a good scolding from Mission Control, you should get the Foreign Objects In the Launch Bay achievement.

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Deep Rock Galactic: Barrel Kicker Trophy Guide

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