Destiny 2: All Week 4 Action Figures – They’re Not Dolls Triumph

Definitely not the ones to toy with!

Who would have thought that even inside a game, there would be Cloud Strider action figures that you can obtain as collectibles?

In Destiny 2, you will be tasked to gather the action figures around Neomuna in order to complete They’re Not Dolls triumph. However, these action figures also have a time gate which means that two new ones will appear each week.

For this guide, we will be showing you the locations of all the action figures in week 4.

Week 4 Action Figure Guide for Destiny 2

For this week, there will be three action figures that you can find. All three action figures are spawned in different locations.

One would be from the Radiosonde, Typhon Imperator, and Strider’s Gate.


The first location, Radiosonde, is in Liming Harbor. You have to find your way inside until you reach the last generator room.

As you reach this room, you will see this console that needs to get activated. On the wall, there will be a series of lights that will appear in a sequence. The buttons that you can see on the console must be pressed in the same sequence as the lights.

Here is the correct sequence of the dials that you have to shoot.

  • Nine o’clock
  • Two o’clock
  • Eleven o’clock
  • Three o’clock
  • Five o’clock
  • Seven o’clock
  • Twelve o’clock
  • Six o’clock

Look behind you, and you will be able to get the action figure.

Typhon Imperator

In Ahimsa Park, you will have to go inside Typhon Imperator. Inside here, you will have to look for this item on one of the countertops.

Activate this as soon as you spot it. Then, you will have to collect all the vex cubes that you can see floating around the place. There will be a total of 11 vex cubes that you have to collect. After that, you see an indicator that points to the exact location of the action figure.

Strider’s Gate

The last action figure that you can find is located in Strider’s Gate. Here, you will see this small arcade-like area. Activate this and it will seem like you were absorbed by the game.

What you have to do here is shoot all the vial targets that you can see on the ground. YOu can extend the time by shooting the diamond-shaped vexes that you will see.

These vial targets will respawn anywhere around the area so you better have a keen eye in order to see all of them.

Once you finish the challenge, the action figure will spawn on top of the machine.

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