Destiny 2 – Birthplace Of The Vile Grandmaster Nightfall Guide

Birthplace of the Vile Grandmaster Nightfall? More like Birthplace of the Vile Grandmaster Midfall.

We all know that Nightfall is considered to be an incredibly tough difficulty when playing Destiny 2. Of course, we usually don’t attempt Nightfall difficulty with people who are woefully unprepared for the beating they are about to get.

But what if I tell you that people are out here attempting Nightfall difficulty with ease? Impossible, right? Don’t underestimate the creativity and ability gamers have to pretty much break the game they are playing.

In this guide, our main focus will be to help you complete the Birthplace of the Vile Grandmaster in Nightfall difficulty

Birthplace Of The Vile Grandmaster Nightfall Guide – Destiny 2

Important Info

The Nightfall Grandmaster will contain Champion Foes, meaning Overloads and Unstoppable Champions will show up when fighting through the Strike.

Be sure to equip Anti-Overloads and Anti-Unstoppable mods to counter these powerful enemies.

There are also going to be Shielded Foes, which basically means your enemies will either have Arc Shields, Solar Shields, or Void Shields. To combat this, you essentially need to have one weapon in every slot that deals Arc, Solar, and Void damage


For Loadouts, you will need the following per class:


  • Stasis: Shadebinder
  • Important Gear Piece: Osmiomancy Gloves
  • Important Weapons:
    • Ager’s Scepter
    • Void Doom of Chelchis (Harrowed)
    • Void Taipan-4FR
  • Important Mods:
    • Lucent Finisher
    • Advance Scout
    • Energy Diffusion Substrate
    • Linear Fusion Rifle Reserves


  • Stasis: Revenant
  • Void: Nightstalker
  • Important Gear Piece: Renewal Grasps
  • Important Weapons:
    • Hung Jury SR4 (Adept)
    • Solar Empty Vessel
    • Void Taipan-4FR


  • Void: Sentinel
  • Important Gear Piece: Ursa Furiosa
  • Important Weapons:
    • Witherhoard
    • Void IKELOS_HC_V1.0.3
    • Void Taipan-4FR

Opening Area

When you start the mission, there will be 1 to 2 Overload Champions here, as well as an Unstoppable Champion.

The Nightfall starts off strong, so you better be careful around here.

Plate Room

The Plate Room requires someone to be on the plate at all times in order to proceed through the strike. However, enemies will keep spawning the longer you are in here.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Have one player stay on the plate at all times while the rest deal with the enemies coming in.
  • As soon as the enemies are gone, hop back on the plate for as long as you can until the next wave comes in.

Cave Area

The cave area is full of snipers that can, depending on how bad your stats are, instantly break your shield and bring you down to low health.

Deal with them as fast as you can, as they are a nuisance.

When you reach the end of the cave, you will encounter an Unstoppable Champion and Overload Champion.

Balcony Area 

When you reach the balcony area, there will be a set of stairs leading to a door where enemies will starts swarming out of.

Pop your super and use it to clear the area immediately.

Inside where the enemies were, you will find two more Overload Champions.

Darkened Hallway

When you reach the darkened hallway, there will be a bunch of snipers. Stay back for a bit and take them out from afar. Once they are done, you should deal with the Overload Champion next.

Have one person stay behind to provide overwatch while the other two deal with the enemies as they push up.

Double Plate Room

In the double plate room, there will be a ton of enemies here, as well as two Unstoppable Champions.

Dealing with them both can be hard, so it’s best to freeze one of them and deal with the other. Alternate between the two when the frozen one breaks free.

Just like the original plate room, either have one person stay on one plate while the other two deal with the enemies, or stay on the plate as long as you can and then deal with the enemies when they arrive.


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