Destiny 2: How to get Dark Frosting

With the Dawning comes a new and necessary ingredient. Read this to find out more!

One of the things that came with diving in Destiny 2 that players should be aware of is Dark Frosting. Here we will discuss in detail about how you can find and claim this ingredient.

How to get Dark Frosting – Destiny 2

You will not have many opportunities to get Dark Frosting in the game because, it is related to the kills that are done with Stasis capable weapons.

Overall, getting Dark Frosting can be quite confusing since it is not always guaranteed if you use a Stasis capable weapon. 

Because of this, we will need Legendary or Exotic weapons.

A good way to get Dark Frosting is to arm yourself with Stasis capable weapons and subclasses at the Dares of Eternity event. That’s because with the large number of enemies you encounter, you can make so many kills here.

NOTE: The best weapons you can use for this are: Peacebond, Fracethyst, Vulpecula and Ager’s Specter.

In summary, if you have stasis capable weapons and give the final blows to as many opponents as possible, the better your chances are of earning Dark Frosting.

So, go ahead and start your killing spree!

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