Diablo Immortal: How To Level Up Fast

The easiest way to level up!

The Diablo Immortal max level is at level 60 cap. If you want the finest Diablo Immortal XP farm or the quickest Diablo Immortal leveling experience, follow the steps in the guide. Diablo Immortal leveling is really rather monotonous and can be sometimes dull, but you’ll need to perform it at specific times in the game if you want to be leveling faster. Let’s get started.

How To Level Up Fast – Diablo Immortal

While playing Diablo Immortal you will get to a certain time where you will be required to get to a certain level in order to proceed with the story. You will see Level Required xx to be able to continue and this is where you will have to do some grinding.

Especially this will be something that you will see at around level 35. Instead of grinding for 2 hours to get past this problem, I will tell you a quick solution for leveling up.

You will have to go to Codex and under Guide make sure that you are turning everything that you have completed so far. Each zone that you will complete will give you a couple of things that you can turn in for Exp.

Another way is going all the way down to Westmarch and inside the Palace Courtyard, you will see the Bounty Board. Here you can grab a couple(4 at a time and a maximum 8 per day). They will give you a significant Exp which actually scales to your level. This is doable but it can get grindy as the quests might repeat themself after a while. So go for the other solution which is much better.

And that solution if you’re stuck and can’t unbridge this leveling gap, is through the Elder Rift. Very simple. Go to the Elder Rift Entrance and here you can add some Crests that will improve everything related to finishing Rift quests. They will give you additional rewards too when completed(Crests are optional, you can finish Rifts even without them).

You can basically farm the Bonus XP that these Rifs provide forever.

To maximize your XP income and not waste your time, follow this strategy:

  • When entering inside a Rift Dungeon,  do not go and clear your way all the way to the Rift boss.
  • Look at the top right corner of your screen, and inside the small mini-map, you’ll see blue icons on enemies. You will only have to take them down as fast as you can
  • Grab the XP orbs that they drop and just go on a hunt after them

You can re-do some seeds until you learn where these enemies spawn and this is the quickest way of getting some very easy XP. I hope it helped. Have fun!

Credit goes to Kibbles from YouTube. You can check out his video here.

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