Diablo Immortal: Class Tier List

All the classes ranked up in a Tier List!

The big debate is still ongoing. What class is the best in Diablo Immortal?! Well, there might not be a clear and precise answer that will satisfy everyone because in reality, every class has it strengths as well as a weakness. It might come to personal preference but here we will discuss the ones that excel in every field over the other classes with a simple Tier list.

Class Tier List – Diablo Immortal

  • S Tier:
    • Demon Hunter and Crusader
  • A Tier:
    • Barbarian
  • B Tier:
    • Necromancer
  • C Tier:
    • Monk and Wizard

The best DPS class is definitely the Demon Hunter. The best and strongest Tank is the Crusader or in some cases the Barbarian. If you want to go for a Summoner type of play, then go ahead and choose the Necromancer(harder learning curve but very rewarding). If you are more for a Support playstyle, go for the Monk. The Wizard doesn’t really excel at anything that the others classes can’t do.

For a more in-depth look and the information about the separate classes, I recommend checking out our Best Class In Diablo Immortal guide. Here you will find a lot of the situations unlocked as to why this tier class is like it is.

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