How To Unlock The Battle Pass In Diablo Immortal

Advance your battle pass in Diablo Immortal!

Progressing into the main story and completing tasks is the best way to level up. However, the battle pass is a system that can give you additional experience and rewards. This guide will show you how to unlock the battle pass in Diablo Immortal. 

Unlock Battle Pass – Diablo Immortal

The battle pass is a system with multiple levels. You can increase your battle pass level by completing objectives and earning Battle Pass XP from them. Some objectives include Equipping 2 Level 10 Rare items or Learning about the game in general. 

To unlock your Battle Pass, you need to go to the Ashwold Cemetary and go the Ashwold Manor. The Ashwold Cemetary is the second area you can explore in the game, so you will need to progress further if you haven’t reached it yet. 

There will be 2 dungeons in this area and you need to progress the main story until you complete the dungeons. As long as you follow and complete the main storyline in this zone, you will be able to unlock the Battle Pass. 

Once you unlock the Battle Pass, you can go to the Main Menu and select the Battle Pass button to unlock rewards. 

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