How To Auto Run In Diablo Immortal

Never manually navigate in Diablo Immortal again!

Diablo Immortal is an addition to the franchise that is playable on both PC and mobile. There are multiple areas in the game that you can explore. This guide will show you how you can auto-run in different areas in Diablo Immortal. 

How to Auto Run – Diablo Immortal

So what exactly is Auto-run? Auto-run is a feature in Diablo Immortal that lets you automatically run and navigate to a specific map on the map without manually going there yourself. This means that your character will move and run to the area on its own. 

Whether you are playing on the PC or mobile, navigating through and exploring the map is important to complete the level. Normally, you would use the movement keybind or pad for this, but you can auto-run through a map by simply opening up the map and putting a pin down where you want to go. 

Simply press Navigate and your character will automatically run to that area. However, before you can do this in the dungeons or other areas, you need to progress into the story first. You need to progress the story to about 70% in that area before you can auto-run. 

Unfortunately, you cannot auto-run in the cities even if you finish the story quests in that area. 

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