Diablo Immortal: Demon Hunter Guide | Build & Leveling Guide

How to be the best Demon Hunter!

The Demon Hunter class is a fan favorite to tons of people. It is ranged, it is highly agile, and extremely fast. It does the most amount of damage and it’s just plain cool to be a Demon Hunter isn’t it?! Let’s see how to make the most out of it by using a very effective build.

Demon Hunter Guide | Build & Leveling Guide – Diablo Immortal

Never ever forget that you are a ranged class which is fairly squishy if it comes to hand-to-hand combat. Keep your distance and use your skills to your advantage. Keep moving around while shooting at your enemies. You will have tons of skills to bind them or slow them but never ever take on a boss head first. You are the highest damage dealer in the game but one small mistake can get you killed. This should be your playstyle with a Demon Hunter.

These are the best skills that you should be using:

  • Level 8
    • Crossbow Shot
    • Knockback Shot
    • Multishot
    • Rain of Vengeance
    • Strafe
  • Level 15
    • Crossbow Shot
    • Knockback Shot
    • Multishot
    • Rain of Vengeance
    • Daring swing(just this is changed)
  • Level 28
    • Crossbow Shot
    • Sentry
    • Multishot
    • Rain of Vengeance
    • Strafe

This is how your last skill build should look.

Very important to know when talking about the attributes is that every class has different attribute points and calculations. Do not try some builds that maybe work on the Barbarian. For the Demon Hunter the ones that you should go for are:

  • Strength – this is the main one
  • Fortitude

You can get them by equipping the correct and right gear that offers these attributes. For the weapon make sure to use the one with the highest amount of DPS and with these same attributes.

Do not forget to upgrade your equipment because it is crucial for making you stronger as you advance and level up through the game. You can do so by visiting the Blacksmith.

The best Gems that are used on the Demon Hunter are:

  • Tourmaline – this gives you Damage
  • Sapphire – this gives you Armor Penetration
  • Topaz – this gives you All Resistance

When using the Legendary Gems always make sure that you’re using a very high level and good quality gear. They are very rare so make it worth it. The best ones for you are:

  • Everlasting Torment
  • Berserker’s Eye
  • Fervant Fang

For getting a faster and more secure leveling I recommend doing Bounties that you can find in the Bounty Posters. Other than that, make sure to do a lot of Elder Rifts. They are dungeons that offer very big rewards and you can just keep doing them over and over again. Go for the enemies marked with blue on the minimap. The Demon Hunter is an excellent class for fast leveling up.

When using the Paragon Points, make sure to choose the Vanquisher tab. Here you will choose the damage node and then you’ll use 6 Points for the Zeal node. From here you can go on and adapt it and tweak it according to your playstyle.

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