Dying Light 2: Nightrunner Trial 1 Gold Medal Run

Who said you can’t win a gold medal in this post-apocalyptic world?

Dying Light 2 brings you terrifyingly fast zombies in contrast to the beautiful landscapes. As a survivor, you must complete missions and gather resources. Parkouring is one of the most essential skills when it comes to surviving in this world.

Nightrunner Trial 1 – Dying Light 2

Learning when to jump and sprint in Dying Light 2 can save your life. The game has a heavy focus on parkouring around the city and sneaking up on zombies at night. The Nightrunner Trial tests your parkour skills with a time limit.

The Nightrunner Trial 1 takes place in the Trinity area which is a survivor territory.

Head to the southern part of the region and interact with the wooden notice board to start the trial. When the trial starts, start by heading to the left to get to the wooden platform.

  • Use the wooden platform to get to the roof and continue heading north, climbing the roofs. You will see a wooden bridge connecting the two houses with the checkpoint on the other side. Head there to collect the first checkpoint.
  • Keep heading north and jump down to the metal grates and across the roof. Turn right, climbing the small roof to get to the roof of the house where you can find the second checkpoint.

Keep sprinting north, jumping down on the metal grates again.

Follow the metal grates until you see the yellow rope as seen in the photo above. Use this rope to jump across the lamppost.

  • Jump on the metal platform to reach the roof. Climb the wooden crates and climb the roof to your left to get to the third checkpoint.
  • Turn left until you see a wooden platform sticking out on the roof. Jump and head north to the fourth checkpoint.
  • Jump down to the ground and use thewooden platform to get on the yellow truck. Climb the roof to your right and use the wooden platform sticking out to get to the fifth checkpoint.
  • Head north this time and stay on the edge of the roof until you can jump to the roof on your right. Use the wooden bridge to get to the window and climb the roof for the sixth checkpoint.
  • Turn left and jump down on the metal wiring, jumping across the roof. Climb up the roof to get to the seventh checkpoint and sprint down to the wooden platform to your right.
  • Keep going north, using the protruding wooden platforms to get to the last checkpoint.

Done with the first Nightrunner trial? Aim for the same achievement by getting a gold medal for Nightrunner Trial 2!

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