Blox Fruits: How To Get & Level Up Instinct

Dodge and dodge until you level up!

Blox Fruits Instinct Dodge

There’s a lot of things that you’ll need to level up in Blox Fruits and some of them can be quite a pain to do. One of the more time-consuming things to level up is your Instinct or Observation Haki. You only get experience every time you use the Instinct dodge and they’re limited. Once you’ve run out, you’ll need to wait for it to replenish before you do it again.

In this guide, we’ll show you a faster way to level up your Instinct in the game. So, get ready since you’ll need an accessory that you’ll want to farm from bosses!

How To Get & Level Up Instinct

Grinding levels in a game can be tedious so we’ll first go through ways to make the Instinct grind in Blox Fruits faster. We’ll show you items and races that increase your maximum Instinct Dodge, then we’ll show how you can level up your Instinct faster!

Getting Instinct

Blox Fruits Saber Expert

To get the Instinct or the Observation Haki you’ll need a couple of things first. First, you’ll need to defeat the Saber Expert boss or Shanks, you’ll also get a Saber for that boss fight which is a great weapon. You’ll also need to be Level 300 or higher and have $750,000.

Blox Fruits Sky Island Temple

Once you’ve gotten those requirements you’ll need to head to the top of the Sky Islands. There you’ll find the stone building, go inside it and drop down in the corner shown below.

Blox Fruits Sky Island Temple Interior

You’ll be transported to the area shown below and you’ll want to go to the next area via the big tree branch.

Blox Fruits Big Branch Bridge

Once you get there go to the top of the temple shown below and go inside of it.

Blox Fruits Giant Temple

There you’ll find the Lord of Destruction NPC and he’ll sell you the Observation Haki!

Blox Fruits Lord of Destruction

Accessories and Race

Before you go start training your Instinct, you’ll want to get a couple of things first. These aren’t needed to level up your instinct, but they will help a lot. One of the items you’ll want to get is the Pale Scarf Accessory. This will increase your maximum instinct dodge by two.

Blox Fruits Pale Scarf

You can get the Pale Scarf by either defeating the Cake Prince Boss or the Dough King Boss. Make sure that you at least deal 10% of the damage to get a chance of this item dropping.

To increase your instinct doge by one more point it’s better that your race is Human V2 as well. You’ll want to maximize your instinct dodges so that you can level up faster!

Leveling Your Instinct

You’ll want to go back to the First Sea and head to the Upper Sky Island. Once you’re there you’ll want to get to the nearest enemy and attack them. Then use up all of your Instinct dodges.

Blox Fruits Using Dodge Instinct

Normally you’ll have to wait around 50 seconds for all the dodges to regenerate. We don’t want to wait that long, so we’ll just hop to a different server!

Blox Fruits Server Browser

Don’t even bother defeating the enemy, just hop onto a different server. Once you’re there your dodges would have refreshed, and you can do it all over again. Repeatedly use all your dodges and server hop until you level up your Instinct!

That’s how you level up your Instinct in Blox Fruits. It might take some time to level up this way so why not use some codes to speed things up? In our guide on all the working codes for Blox Fruits in May 2023 we show what codes you can get that will help you level up faster! So, check that one out to make the grind easier!

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