Dying Light 2 Treasure Hunt: Decode Note | Wharf Water Tower Safe Code

Unlock the safe code in the Wharf Water Tower to get the C4!

Defeating zombies is fun when it comes to Dying Light 2, but there is a lot more to the game than just surviving the horde. You can find treasures all over the map that can improve your weapon arsenal. This guide will show you how you can open the safe in Wharf Water Tower.

Wharf Water Tower Code – Dying Light 2

Before you can start the Treasure Hunt Quest, you need to do the Deserter side quest first. At the end of the quest, do not give the map to Meyer. Instead, keep the map and you will receive the Treasure hunt quest.

Keep following the quest markers for the quest and you will get to an area with a book and a letter beside it. The book contains the method on how to decode the letter that you can find beside it.

In case you are wondering, the letter translates to: “Drop point is in the Muddy Grounds water tower basement. Leave there five crates of UV Lamps and one with explosives. Lock code is 03 21 67.”.

Now go to the Wharf Water Tower in the northern part of the Muddy Grounds. When you go inside the building, drop down to the lowest floor and you will see the safe underneath the water.

Swim over to the safe and enter the code, 03 21 67 to unlock it.

Open the safe to get a powerful C4 explosive.

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