King’s Bounty 2: How To Complete The Scryer’s Trial Tyrant

Win one of the hardest battles in the game!

With the long-awaited release of King’s Bounty 2, a lot of old school gamers are really glad they get to experience King’s Bounty once again, after such a long time. The game at the moment has received mixed reviews, but that doesn’t mean that the people who actually enjoy it don’t deserve some help on their way to saving the world! We are gonna talk about how to beat one of the hardest battles in the game in this guide and, hopefully, get you to defeat these behemoths!

How To Complete The Scryer’s Trial Tyrant – King’s Bounty 2

Your army will be composed of 2 troops: a Bone Dragon and a squad of Gargoyles. What you should know from the get go is that, if your dragon falls, you have effectively lost the battle.

Also, the gameplay decides who does better randomly, so you will also need some luck in order to win. Even if you follow the guide perfectly, a random critical hit can end your battle instantly!

Let’s first talk about positioning your troops on the battlefield. Here is how we decided they should sit on the map:

The main idea with this positioning is that your dragon should be kept as far away as possible from the Soul Eaters, since they can give him crazy debuffs.

By positioning them like this, you can get the Soul Eaters in a one on one with your Gargoyles. That would be the best tactic in handling them.

As for the other troops, you shouldn’t advance your dragon unless he can get in a position to attack three of them at the same time. Which means he can use his Putrid Area attack to destroy them.

If he would be surrounded by 4 of them, he’d lose really fast. If he only attacked one or two of them, you’d lose the war of attrition, since they can attack you on and on, if you don’t debuff them.

Before you advance your dragon on the enemies, remember to hit them with Plague, since that will lower their damage and give you a fighting chance.

After that, get in between them and hit them with Putrid Area, which will poison them and give you a chance to double your attack by hitting them and hurting them with poison.

If you get stunned at some point, don’t worry, that’s normal. Just hit them with Plague and Putrid Area until they are done. Also, try to keep your Gargoyles alive, they can be great bait.

After a few tries, you should be able to defeat the enemies, if luck is on your side!

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