F1 2021: Best Spain Setup

Biggest straight sector on a track? No problem.

The Spanish Grand Prix in F1 has one of the biggest straights on a track. Sufficive to say, this is one of the fastest tracks currently in the F1 season. But in the all-new F1 2021 game, what’s the best Spain setup for the car? Seems straightforward to set-up the car for this track, right? Wrong. But we’ve looked at some of the best setups, and finally found the best one for Spain at the moment.

Best Spain Setup – F1 2021

Spain isn’t just a couple of straights and that’s it, oh no. There are also very sharp corners, especially turn 14 and 15. But it also has some fast and long corners too.

So, off-throttle, on-throttle, transmission, and everything else, must be spot on. This is the best currently-known Spain setup for F1 2021:

  • Transmission
    • Differential Adjustment On-Throttle – 70%
    • Differential Adjustment Off-Throttle – 55%
  • Aerodynamics
    • Front Wing Aero – 7
    • Rear Wing Aero – 11
  • Suspension Geometry
    • Front Camber – 2.50
    • Rear Camber – 2.00
    • Front Toe – 0.06
    • Rear Toe – 0.20
  • Suspension
    • Front Suspension – 8
    • Rear Suspension – 7
    • Front Anti-Roll Bar – 8
    • Rear Anti-Roll Bar – 8
    • Front Ride Height – 3
    • Rear Ride Height – 6
  • Brakes
    • Brake Pressure – 97%
    • Front Brake Bias – 56%
  • Tires
    • Front Right & Left Tire Pressure – 21.4psi
    • Rear Right & Left Tire Pressure – 23.1psi

Now, there are different setups for different playstyles as well. But in terms for what you get, no matter the playstyle, players found that this is the best overall setup for the Spanish Grand Prix.

Since the launch of F1 2021, it became apparent that there were fundamental changes to the handling, to the suspension, and other major mechanics, which made F1 2021 stand out quite a lot. This is all to say that, whatever previously worked for setups, doesn’t anymore.

Truthfully, these changes and major updates to the overall feel of the game have been widely and positively accepted by the virtual F1 community.

As things change on a regular basis with F1 though, you might need to tweak this setup a bit to suit your driving styles or needs though.

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