F1 2021: Best Canada Setup

Playing the Canadian Grand Prix? Try this setup.

F1 has always been a challenging game. It isn’t all about racing though, oh no. Players will also need to set-up their car in a way, which will be best for the particular track they’re racing on. In fact, this is the hardest aspect of the game, as you need to show deep understanding of the mechanical part of the car, and the conditions on track. Read on, to find out the best Canada Grand Prix setup in F1 2021.

Best Canada Setup – F1 2021

The Canadian track is a bit of a tough one. It has long and slightly curved straights, with a couple of sharp corner sectors on it. So, as you might imagine, tweaking the car for this track is a bit of a challenge.

Thankfully, by using this guide, you will have the best setup, and the most competitive advantage you can get on this track. This is the currently known, best Canada setup for F1 2021:

  • Transmission
    • Differential Adjustment On-Throttle – 70%
    • Differential Adjustment Off-Throttle – 55%
  • Aerodynamics
    • Front Wing Aero – 6
    • Rear Wing Aero – 10
  • Suspension Geometry
    • Front Camber – 2.50
    • Rear Camber – 2.00
    • Front Toe – 0.06
    • Rear Toe – 0.20
  • Suspension
    • Front Suspension – 4
    • Rear Suspension – 7
    • Front Anti-Roll Bar – 3
    • Rear Anti-Roll Bar – 6
    • Front Ride Height – 4
    • Rear Ride Height – 6
  • Brakes
    • Brake Pressure – 95%
    • Front Brake Bias – 55%
  • Tires
    • Front Right & Left Tire Pressure – 21.8psi
    • Rear Right & Left Tire Pressure – 23.1psi

This setup is best for overall performance and pace. In terms of getting used to it, it’s pretty easy, as it gives you a great foundation, should you ever need to change it in the future.

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