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Factory Town: How To Get Magma

Where can you get Magma fuel?

There are various fuel items in Factory Town that you can use to get your buildings powered up. However, not all of them have the same fuel value. Magma is one of the fuel items that have the highest fuel value, but how can you get Magma in Factory Town?

How to get Magma?

Magma is a type of Fuel that you can get from Fire Shrines. You can only get this fuel item by inserting Fire Crystals into the Fire Shrines. A Fire Shrine is a type of building that uses Fire Mana Energy and produces units of Magma, to be used as Fuel. 

You need 40 Mana Brick and 20 Fire Crystal to build a Fire Shrine. It has a size of 1×1. Inserting 1 Fire Crystal in the Fire Shrine will yield 1 Magma unit. 

What is Magma?

A Magma is a Fuel item that can be used to power up buildings and craft recipes. Magma is the item with the highest fuel value in the game. You can only get this fuel item in Fire Shrines. One Magma has a total of 8 Fuel Values. 

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