Factory Town: How To Get Coal

Get Fuel for your buildings!

Buildings in Factory Town are essential for producing items and resources alike. Automating your town can make the production line of buildings faster. Before you can get your buildings up and running, however, you need Coal to serve as fuel. 

How to Get Coal

Coal is a type of resource that you can harvest and gather in your base. You will need to hire workers to gather and harvest coal in your base. You will find various Coal deposits around your base which produce coal. 

After hiring a worker, simply select them and drag them into the Coal Deposit, targeting the area. Your worker will automatically gather the coal from the coal deposit and increase your coal capacity.

What is a Coal?

Coal is one of the Fuels in Factory Town that can be used to keep your Buildings up and running. There are 4 different Fuel types which are Wood, Fertilizer, Coal, and Magma. You can get Coal by Mining in Coal Deposits. 

The Fuel Value of one Coal is 4, making it a great fuel choice, especially in the early game. Buildings like the Forge and Kitchen require Fuel like Coal to operate.

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