Factory Town: How To Stock Up Inventory In Shops

Keep your Shops well-stocked!

Factory Town finally launched and players are excited about the sandbox game and its features. There are different kinds of shops that you can build in Factory Town. This guide will show you how to stock up your inventory manually in shops.

Different Kinds of Market Buildings

There are 5 different Market Buildings and each building requires materials to build. You can build a Food Market, a General Store, Apothecary, Tavern, or Gourment Food and Specialty Goods. Each building will accept a different set of items. 

You also have to pay the Item Total Cost which includes the recipe, wood, ore, and mana reloading cost for making the item. 

How to Stock Up Inventory

There are multiple ways to distribute items. You can build underground pipes and pipe the juice from the underground to the markets. If you are near a river or ocean, you can place your markets near the shore and use rafts, boats, or ships to deliver.

You can also use Wagons and Caravans to deliver items but they can cause traffic as you progress into the game. You can upgrade your roads to stone to speed up your caravans and wagons.

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