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Far Cry 6: All 7 Lorenzo’s Children Locations | Seeds of Love Quest

Help Lorenzo make amends with his 7 children!

Lorenzo is asking you to help him in finding his 7 children scattered across the map. He needs to make amends with them by giving them the letters he wrote. You can begin the quest by talking to Lorenzo in the middle of Sierra Perdida. 

All 7 Lorenzo’s Children Locations – Far Cry 6

  • Felipe -Go to Todos Santos Cemetery and head up to the trail, way past the graveyard. You will find Felipe in a camp. 
  • Tiago- Head to Santo Domingo in Sierra Perdida and climb the roof of the pink house. Aim at the window on the Green House to the wall that says “Espero Valio la Pena”. Tiago will ask for your help so go up the stairs on that house and you will find him in a room with his hands tied. 
  • Riel -Go to Oceguera Farm and interact with the flower on the table. Follow Riel to her home in the woods. 
  • Juan- Head to the Perdomo farm and go to the wooden table. Interact with the book that has a hat on top of it to find Lorenzon’s Son’s key. Use the key on the red door beside the table. 
  • Camilo- Go to the Barriga town and kill the enemies attacking you. Open the green door to find Camilo. 
  • Maricela -Head to the Flores Farm and pet the dog that is barking at you. Follow the dog to get to Maricela’s location. 
  • Xiomara- Go to Concepcion and you will see an entrance to an alleyway surrounded by a green wall. Climb the orange ladder to find Dani spray painting the wall. 


Lorenzo will ask you to give his apology letters to all 7 of his children to make amends. After you give his letter to all 7 of his children, the mission will be completed. 

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