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Far Cry 6 Pagan: All Pagan’s Diary Pages Locations | Early Drafts Trophy Guide

Collect pages and get rewarded!

It’s time to learn more about Pagan by collecting the Diary Pages scattered across the map. Collecting and finding the notes on the map will give you the Early Drafts trophy. This guide will show you where you can find all Pagan’s Diary pages.

Pagan’s Diary Pages Locations — Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control

Here are all the locations of the pages, go over them one by one:

  • The very first diary page you can get is on the dinner table to the southwest of the map. Go down to the entrance and you will find a rock with engravement next to the entrance. The note is at the pole next to the stone.
  • You can find the second diary page near the dinner table as well. The diary page is on the small stone altarwith the statue surrounded by red candles.

  • The third diary page is in the Durgesh Prison. Enter the prison and once you are in front of the golden doorway, turn left to the open prison cell. Defeat all the enemies to unlock the bigger gate.

Follow the hallway and when the gate closes, turn left, parkour your way to the mountains and enter the small cave entrance. The diary page is on top of the small shelf.

  • The fourth diary entry is at the center of the map near the red lake. Go to the construction site near the lake and you will find the entry on top of the wooden crates.
  • You can find the fifth diary entry at the northwestern part of the map. The diary entry is on the pole near the undamaged house, next to the burning one.
  • For the sixth entry, go to the Contemporary art trial on the southeastern part of the map. From the golden statue, head south and turn right. You will find a small opening to a cave and the note is on the wall.
  • The last diary entry is in the Royal Palace, on the left side of the door.

And that should complete all of Pagan’s Diary entries, giving you the Early Drafts trophy.

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