Far Cry 6 Pagan: Thicker Than Water Delusion Guide | Control DLC

Is blood really thicker than water?

There are a lot of missions in the new Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control DLC. One of the missions you can complete is the Thicker than Water mission. This guide will show you how you can complete it.

Thicker Than Water Guide — Far Cry 6 Pagan: Control

Start by going to the southern part of the map in the Chal Jama Monastery. You will see a mission with a 1-star difficulty. Once you are in the monastery, you will find a huge banner on the wall.

Head to the platform in front of the banner and you will see a statue without a head. Climb up the vines on the mountain parallel to it until you reach the upper level. You will find a wooden platform here that you can destroy.

Destroy the wooden platform on the ground and jump down. Collect the head of the statue inside the room and destroy the lock on the gate. This will lead you directly outside to the statue.

Restore the head of the statue and the water around the statue will disappear. Head to the new temple area but choose the Lakshmana statue to your left first. Enter the monastery and follow the hallway to the red door.

Head inside and light up the candle near the entrance. Wait for the floating rock to appear and jump over the gap. You will see a delusion here. 

Light up the second candle and wait for the cabinets and doors to form a path.

Light up the candle again and keep going until you reach the small room with a golden jar. Interact with the jar and use the zipline to go back outside.

And there you have it, that completes the thicker than water mission.

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