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Far Cry 6: All Joseph’s Vision Locations in Joseph Collapse DLC | Parables Trophy

Learn more about the possible outcomes of Joseph’s story!

Far Cry 6 allows you to tap into the story of Joseph, the villain of the series. What exactly are his motives and reasons for doing the things he did? You can learn more by looking at his visions that are scattered all over the map.

Joseph’s Vision Locations – Far Cry 6

The first 5 Visions of Joseph are located inside the trailer that is marked on the map below. Enter the trailer and use the elevator to get to the bunker. When you are inside John’s bunker turn left and enter the opening.

  • Climb up and jump across the shelves to get the Letter S and climb across the metal railing. You should see an entrance to a room with green lights. The letter E should be inside. Keep collecting the letters in the room to get the vision.
  • Now get out of the room and turn right, following the hallway until you see an entrance to a bedroom to your right, where you will see the second vision.

Get out of the room and head north to the grass outside. Climb the staircase all the way up and turn on the generator on your left. Head all the way to the right room and activate the B generator.

Go down to the second floor and turn on the generator to remove the gas blocking the doorway. Go inside, head north then turn left.

  • Enter the first bedroom to your left and you will see a dress, touching it will give you the vision.

Now get out of the grass room and you should see that everything is upside down. Head north then turn right, following the quest marker.

You have to climb the wooden platform with a staircase and jump down the breakable floor at the end. Keep following the hallway and then when you see a series of forks, turn left.

  • Jump up the rubble and go inside the vent and you will see the music box on the table with the vision.
  • From here, head north and follow the quest marker, unlocking the door for the next vision.
  • The sixth vision is on the southwestern part of the map. Go inside the burning village and keep heading north until you see a small wooden gate arch leading to the left. Follow this path until you see a man hanging from the pillars.
  • The next vision is just north of the last vision. Follow the quest marker here and carry the False Ethan and bring him to the altar near the hanging body from earlier.
  • Finally, you can find the last vision on the northwesternmost part of the map. Go inside the church and collect the cross piece on top of the altar to see the it.

And there you have it, seeing all the visions will give you the Parables Trophy as a reward!

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