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Far Cry 6 Pagan: All Pagan Min Chibi Locations | Vanity Project Trophy Guide

Keep your eyes peeled for all the chibis!

Are you struggling to find the locations of all Chibis in the DLC Pagan Min? No wonder as they can be spread all over the map but no worries, we will now go through all the Pagan Min Chibi locations.

All Pagan Min Chibi Locations | Vanity Project Trophy Guide – Far Cry 6 Pagan

In total, there are 10 Pagan Min locations. They are generally easy to find. Below is a list that we compiled:

  • The first chibi is located on the left bank of the river. You will find it on a tree on the right side of the small wooden house
  • The second chibi is located a little northwest of the center of the map. When you see the wooden bridge over the river, you will see it on the left side of a wooden platform.
  • A little further east from the location of the second chibi is the third chibi. When you see the floating  platforms from the right, you will have a wooden platform, inside of it is the chibi.
  • In the eastern part of the map is the fourth chibi. The fourth chibi is hidden on the edges of the rocks next to the track.
  • In the western part of the lakes is the fifth chibi, right next to the rocks on your left.
  • The sixth chibi is located in the northwestern part of the map. Behind the blue house, climb the rocks in front of you and head to the left. Here you will find a path forged from wooden planks. Cross it and on the right you will find the chibi in the nest.
  • A little north of the center of the map, right next to the two white concrete pillars, is the sitting chibi. You will see specifically at the top of the pillar on your right.
  • In the southwest, near the rock with an inscription, climb the stairs, enter the building and exit the rocky area. Use the rope to reach the middle rock and above it, you will find the eighth chibi.
  • The ninth chibi is located at the third Memory Link in the northeast, in the pecter of a wooden platform with a candle.
  • Lastly, the tenth chibi is also located in the northwestern part. When you are on the path on the right you will see a fence. You will find the chibi inside the cave.

How many chibis have you found before you saw this guide?

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