Final Fantasy XIV: Tips & Tricks for Big MGP Gains

Become a millionaire in no time!

Final Fantasy is a fantastic game that gets new players all the time. If you are one of these new players you might be struggling with ways of making MGP. There are a couple of very useful tips and tricks that might make you a millionaire in FFXIV in no time. Let’s see how!

Tips & Tricks for Big MGP Gains – Final Fantasy XIV

The Reddit user by the name of GuardianGero has come up with a beautiful way of making tons of gains after a big-time of playing. He says that this way will be sure to bring you around 2 million in less than 2 months(of course it might be faster, depending on how much you want to invest yourself). These here are his tips and tricks of how to do it best:

  • Triple Triad Weekly Challenges:
    • Play ten games
    • 10 victories
    • Play a total of 5 battles in the Battlehall.
    • In the Battlehall, you must win three matches.
    • Take part in a tournament that is open to the public.
  • Chocobo Racing Weekly Challenges:
    • Participate in three chocobo races.
    • Take part in a chocobo race and win.
    • Participate in 20 chocobo races.
    • Win a total of ten chocobo races.
  • Mini-Game Weekly Challenges:
    • 3 mini-games to complete
    • Mini-games can earn you 100 MGP by winning.
  • Lord of Verminion Weekly Challenges:
    • Not very familiar with Lord of Verminion, but playing three or five games every week seems doable, so you can give it a go and it might work out fine. Lots of players are saying that it is very worthwhile to do.
  • Mahjong Weekly Challenges:
    • Although a lot of people do not simply understand how Mahjong works, there are some experts that claim it is very worthwhile. Give yourself a chance, look up some guides on how to do it better, and get some good gains.
  • Gate Weekly Challenges:
    • Participate in a total of five GATEs.
    • 3 GATEs to complete
  • Cactpot:
    • If it’s feasible, always opt for 1-2-3 when playing Mini Cactpot, and 7-8-9 when it’s not. Other outcomes aren’t worth pursuing.
    • Also, don’t forget to purchase your Jumbo Cactpot tickets each week!
  • Fashion Report:
    • Everyone should be familiar with this. Very easy 80MGP gained daily.
  • Wondrous Tails:
    • If you’re working on those, Wondrous Tails can provide you with large amounts of MGP!
  • Lewena:
    • Lewena is a bland Triple Triad NPC who is also the epitome of absolute evil in the Gold Saucer Entrance Square. Her rule-breaking deck has several five-star cards, which is impolite, and her rules include Fallen Ace and Chaos, the worst rule in Triple Triad.
    • But why go to all this trouble? The problem is that Lewena rewards you with three legendary cards, each of which costs 1,500 MGP and has a fair chance of falling.
    • You can take advantage of the fact that she will always have Terra in her deck if you’re seeking a minor piece of strategy to employ against her. Lewena will want to play Terra in the lower-left corner since she has an A up and an A right. You can utilize Fallen Ace to your advantage and flip Terra, placing yourself in a great position, if you have a card in your deck with a 1 down or 1 remaining. It’s also worth noting that Lewena has no cards with a 1 left, so if you steal Terra and her right A is revealed, Lewena will be unable to reclaim her.

A warm thank you to GuardianGero for going over these in big depth and explaining it even better on this Reddit post. I hope it helps you too!

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