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Halo Infinite: All 13 Reformation Propaganda Tower Locations

Destroy all the Propaganda Towers in Reformation!

There are a lot of Propaganda Towers all over the map. Destroying one propaganda tower can give you some points which are helpful for purchasing new vehicles. This guide will show you all the Propaganda Tower Locations in Reformation. 

Go to the southernmost part of the map and you will see the 1st Propaganda Tower next to a cliff. From here, go east and you will find the 2nd Propaganda tower on the path going up the mountains. 

Reformation Propaganda Tower Locations

Head west and just after crossing the gap, you will find the 3rd Propaganda Tower near the cliff. From here, head west and you will find the 4th tower near a Mjolnir Armory on the cliff. Go north from here and you will see the 5th Propaganda tower near the edge of the map. 

You can find the 6th Propaganda Tower next to a crate near the 5th Propaganda tower. Head south and climb the mountain to find the 7th  tower next to a Spartan core. From here, go northeast to find the 8th tower on the mountain path. 

Head to the bottom of the mountainside on the east to find the 9th tower next to some trees. Climb the mountain near the 9th tower to see the 10th tower in the middle of some trees. The 11th tower is near the lake to the east, near the mountain edge. 

From here, go east, you will find the 12th tower south of the lake, on top of the stone pillar. The last Propaganda tower is to the north of the lake. You can find it near the base of the mountain.

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