Halo Infinite: Disable Regulator & Destroy Cooling Pylon Guide

Finish both quests in the excavation site in a jiffy with this guide!

One of the missions you have in the excavation site is to disable the regulator and destroy the cooling pylon. This guide will show you how you can quickly achieve both quests and complete the mission in the excavation site. 

Disable Regulator and Destroy Cooling Pylon – Halo Infinite

After getting the mission from the terminal,  quickly go to your left. Go inside the furthest door to your left and go past the gravity lift. You will see a door that leads outside. 

Jump down and disable the Regulator switch below. After activating the switch, 2 pylons will spawn on the map. One of the pylons is on the central part of the area and the second one is at the cavern to the north. 

You have to destroy both pylons before you can proceed. Afterwards, keep going south past the Gravity Lift and disable the second Regulator switch. The first pylon is to your left and the second one is to the north, behind the boxes.

Numerous enemies will spawn which can make it difficult to destroy both pylons. Make sure to use the terrain to your advantage to avoid taking damage from the enemy. 

After destroying all the pylons, you successfully complete the quest.

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