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Halo Infinite: Arcade Machine Easter Egg Location

Use the Easter Egg Arcade Machine!

There are a lot of easter egg items in Halo Infinite like the Scorpion Gun. Another easter egg find that you might not know is an arcade machine that you can locate in the mission, Outpost Tremonius. This guide will show you where you can find this arcade machine easter egg.

Arcade Machine Location – Halo Infinite

After entering the game, fast travel to Outpost Tremonius. You will then spawn inside the building facility. There are a lot of enemies here so be sure to keep your guns loaded and ready. 

Go outside of the facility until you reach the exit to the south, leading to the open world. Jump down the cliff and then, go to your right. Follow the path towards the mountains until it leads you to a small cavern to the left.

There should be two trees on the pathway. Keep going until you reach a door. Enter the door and it will lead you to a small room containing the arcade machine. 

The arcade machine is in the middle of the room, and you cannot interact with it nor take it. However, the arcade machine does play a retro version of the Halo BGM while you are in the area. 

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Halo Infinite: Scorpion Gun Location | How To Get Easter Egg Weapon

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