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Halo Infinite: Repository Power Seed Locations

Get the Power Seed in the Repository Mission!

In the Repository mission, you will need to save a soldier. You can also get a skull in the area, but you need 2 power seeds to unlock the next area first. This guide will show you how to get both the Power Seeds and connect the bridge. 

Repository Power Seed Locations – Halo Infinite

In the terminal, go to your right and enter the door. Head north and follow the hallway until you reach a large, open area. Make sure you defeat the Banished in the area because you will not be able to use your weapon once you have the Power Seed. 

After defeating the Banished, enter the door to the north and you will find the Power Seed inside. Take the Power Seed and return to the area to insert it on the terminal. You may drop the Power Seed if you need to use your guns. 

The second Power Seed will be on your left. Enter the corridor just like you did with the first Power Seed and defeat the incoming enemies. 

The Power Seed will be in a small room to the north. After getting the Power Seed, return to the room and insert it on the terminal to continue the mission.

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