Metroid Dread: Purple Electric Bug Boss – How to Defeat Ferenia

Shoot down this flying bug!

The Electric Bug Boss Escue is notorious for its speed and electric attacks. Knowing the attack patterns of this boss can help you defeat it without much trouble. You will face this Bug Boss in the Ferenia area. 

Detonating Electric Ball

Escue will fire a black orb that will attach to the floor. After a short delay, it will explode, covering the entire floor and requiring you to jump. It can also attach to the wall if you angle it correctly, causing it to disappear instead of exploding. The initial orb is slow so you can avoid it easily, try to time your jumping with the explosion of the orb on the floor to avoid damage. 

A flurry of Electric attacks

This attack pattern is incredibly fast and unpredictable. The bug will fire a series of electric attacks in your direction. The key to avoiding this attack is to constantly move. Dash and jump during the entire attack duration to avoid getting hit. 

Defeating the Bug Boss

Escue will also charge towards you but this attack is slower compared to the first two and you can easily dash away to avoid it. Try to be patient when fighting this boss, juggling in between getting some attacks in while evading the orbs. After getting enough attacks in, Escue will transform into an orb that you can defeat easily by firing energy beams at it.

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