High On Life: 9-Torg Boss Fight Guide

Get that goo off of me!

High on Life is the newest addition to the FPS genre and unlike the recent FPS games that came out this one has its own style. Instead of some serious military simulation or action-packed drama shooter, we have talking guns, aliens and funny and entertaining dialogue. The game is made by the co-creator of Rick & Morty, and fans of the show will fit right in with the humor of this game. Still it’s a fun and sometimes challenging game with a lot of things to watch out for and remember. In this guide we’ll show you how to defeat one of the bosses in High On Life!

9-Torg Boss Fight Guide For High On Life

At one point in the game you’ll have to fight 9-Torg, a bounty that you need to defeat to go through the story. The battle starts of simple with some crates for cover and the boss firing shots in different directions. It’s easier to stay away from the boss to easily dodge the shots, just don’t fall off the arena into the goo below!

Source: 100% Guides – YouTube

When you damage her enough she’ll jump into a goo. She’ll then jump out and fire a laser that you need to avoid, again it’s easier to avoid it if you’re at max range and can easily just jump over the laser. When she jumps out of the goo she’ll destroy some of the platforms so keep that in mind.

Source: 100% Guides – YouTube

Once she’s finished jumping around she’ll flood the platform and you need to stay in midair until the platform appears again. Use Knifey to stay in the air, using the grapple points to keep you afloat.

Source: 100% Guides – YouTube

After a while the arena will appear again and you can land on it where she’ll start from the top with the normal attacks. At low health she’ll mix it up a bit by firing her laser and shooting stunning projectiles at you.

Source: 100% Guides – YouTube

When she’s defeated she’ll fire a large laser beam around the arena and you need to jump in the air and stay there until the laser is finished and you can end the boss!

Source: 100% Guides – YouTube

Congratulations you now know how to deal with this boss in High On Life, now go out there and try to beat them! Many thanks to 100% Guides for showing everyone how to do this, if you need more information on the subject then go check their video out here: High On Life 9-Torg Boss Fight – YouTube

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