Honkai: Star Rail – Character Tier List Endgame 1.0

Everything is subjective, but Herta is D.

Honkai Star Rail Endgame Character Tier List 1.0
Honkai Star Rail Endgame Character Tier List 1.0

And it’s finally here! The Tier List for Honkai: Star Rail characters for endgame 1.0. It’s a heavily requested tier list, one that’s certainly always open to discussion. Remember: The meta is always changing because the game still has a long roster of characters, light cones, and relics to release. Most importantly, have fun with the game!

Character Tier List Endgame 1.0

Most of the characters feels balanced in the game, meaning they all have potentials to be broken with the right build.

Honkai: Star Rail - Character Tier List Endgame 1.0

S-Tier DPS Characters

Sure, Honkai: Star Rail is a turn-based game with a lot of factors. But with these characters, that almost don’t matter. In terms of being main DPS, both Jing Yuan and Seele are the best in the game.

Jing Yuan’s Lightning Lord packs a huge punch and functions like a fifth character on top of his own ultimate being a bomb already. His Lightning Lord is a follow-up attack that can deal hundreds of thousands of damage in Simulated Universe with Elation Path.

Seele’s Resurgence makes her a scary Quantum character. With Bronya on her side, Seele can have unlimited turns and she has really high damage multipliers. That makes her raw damage really high.

Honkai: Star Rail - Character Tier List Endgame 1.0

Honkai: Star Rail - Character Tier List Endgame 1.0

Yanqing is a cryo DPS that does a whole lot of damage on a single target. You can’t really build him wrong because his Ultimate buffs his own Critical stats. All you need to make sure is give him enough ATK and a bit of SPD stats (his SPD is already 109). You will have a character that keeps freezing enemy (part of his Talent) and

Trailblazer Preservation is a fire-type tank who does their job really well, especially with Eidolons (traded from the Pawnbroker). And it’s so consistent while they melt through fire shield so easy.

Welt is being slept on more than I’d like him to be. Since the first day I got him, there’s never a situation when running him is bad. His imprisonment stats makes him one-of-a-kind. With Tingyun and Bronya, you can imprison your enemies permanently.

S-Tier Support Characters

Bronya is basically a cheating character – she Advances Forward your allies with her skill and buff damage with her Ultimate. She’s not even bad as a Wind character if you decide to build a DPS out of her just because.

Honkai: Star Rail - Character Tier List Endgame 1.0

Following close on second place is Tingyun. Released together with Jing Yuan, she’s almost like the perfect partner to the general. Her E buffs your attack and her Ultimate comes with energy regen, a critical kit for high-energy characters.

Bailu is a healer that also reduces damage received in endgame. Her healing extends for several turns based on her Max HP, regenerates energy, and even prevents knockdown.

A-Tier Characters

Before I am flamed for my choices, do note that you can find some characters so much better or worse, because of how you build and play. I was close to placing Asta on S-tier mainly because she’s so good with breaking down shields and her buff. But with the arrival of Tingyun, Bronya, and the fact that Trailblazer exists, to the A-tier she goes.

And there’s also Hook with her over 240% multiplier. She rolls bosses really hard with that damage.

Gepard is a true tank, he’s the real definition of it and does that job perfectly. But probably an overkill of a tank. The thing about tanking is I find MC Preservation just as good for the job and he grants shield whenever he attacks, uses a skill, or launch his ultimate.

Not to mention March 7th is a great cryo-tank substitute to Gepard. And if you’re lucky enough to have rolled for her Eidolons, she can heal at E6, albeit only a little. And there’s always Natasha if you need a dedicated healer. Both she and March 7th removes debuffs with their E as well.

Honkai: Star Rail - Character Tier List Endgame 1.0

Dan Heng is a Wind character that packs a punch with his Ultimate which hurts a lot more on slowed targets. Because of how easy it is for him to take turns due to his speed, landing his Ultimate after using his skill is never an issue.

Clara and Sushang are the two physical characters and they pack that punch. Clara is especially good because she attacks a lot due to Svarog’s status that always retaliates. But that also means you have to balance between DEF and ATK for her, which kind of splits her full damage potential.

Qingque is a Quantum with AoE damage, but her kit is slightly complicated, but she isn’t bad. However, she might get powercrept soon.

B-tier, C-tier, and D-tier characters

Himeko just underwhelmes when you have Hook. At endgame, you won’t need a character whose damage is spread across several mobs because the boss fights are where it’s at. Hook’s multiplier outshines her by miles.

Physical Trailblazer, honestly, works so well in early game. But over in late game, his kit isn’t enough to sustain the debuffs nor can he buff himself for a stretched game.

Pela removes buffs, which is situational. Depending on the game mode you’re going for, you will never need Pela if you can just tank the counter damages, or remove the buffs with Natasha or March 7th who can also shield and heal.

Sampo and Serval are honestly, amazing DoT characters. They’re probably the best at it in the game, but their raw damage output are underwhelming. I find myself slowly swapping out Serval after Belobog because her damage isn’t keeping up. However, they do break shields really easy. There may be new Relics and characters that’ll change the meta that makes DoT hurts more, so we’ll see.

If you’ve used Arlan and Herta, it is what it is. There’s just currently no saving these two characters and just about anyone in their path or element will do better.

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